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Bright Students

Bright Students is a three-part energy education program for middle school students, aligned with ADE standards.

An engaging PowerPoint presentation introduces the basics of electricity, energy, and energy conservation to students through a required, two class period pre-visit activity led by the classroom teacher. The classroom presentation investigates electricity uses and energy sources.

The presentation also calls on some students to ride the Energy Bike to experience first-hand how much work is required to light up incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs. Students can explore ways to conserve energy at home and share energy conservation and efficiency concepts with their friends and families. The program is designed to fit into a typical 45-60 minute classroom period.

The third part of the Bright Students program is a classroom teacher-led post-visit activity that looks in depth at conservation and has students perform a basic home energy audit.

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All components of the Bright Students program align with ADE standards.
Bright Students is a free program sponsored by UES.

  • Pre-Visit Materials
    The pre-visit video and accompanying student worksheet have been designed to prepare your students for the on-site presentation. Download the appropriate video file for your computer system, check playback before prior to class use, downloa d and print the student worksheet. Please complete this activity prior your program date.
  • Pre-Visit Worksheet – PDF 0.04 MB
  • Pre-Visit Video, Mac, High Resolution – MP4 682 MB
  • Pre-Visit Video, Mac, Low Resolution – MP4 290 MB
  • Pre-Visit Video, PC, High Resolution – MPG 704 MB
  • Pre-Visit Video, PC, Low Resolution – MPG 309 MB

  • Post-Visit Teacher Lessons
  • Post-Visit Teacher Lesson #1 - Easy Version – PDF 0.12 MB
  • Post-Visit Teacher Lesson #2 - Standard Version – PDF 0.11 MB
  • Post-Visit Teacher Lesson #3 - Challenging Version – PDF 0.16 MB